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The Trinity Triple Challenge is back !  Between April and September, our team have been undertaking site visits to hotels and venues across UK and Ireland to support this challenge.

What is the challenge ?  The challenge is to support our venue knowlege,  promote our suppliers and most of all to support some local charities.

The team all give up a weekend to visit 15 venues each and for each venue visit request a prize which can be auctioned to raise funds for charity.

The online auction will run throughout October with over 300 lots offering some amazing prizes.  The money raised will then be split between our 4 worthwhile charities - for more on them click the tab on Charities.

Each week the auction site will feature new lots so you’ll have continuing opportunities to make the winning bid for fantastic overnight and weekend stays, spa days and fine dining. We hope we can count on your generosity to support our fundraising and please promote the auction to your colleagues, friends and families.